Below are messages that have been preached at First Baptist Church of Glendale in Hattiesburg, MS During 2021.

If you would like a copy of a message from before that time please contact Bro. Chris or Mrs. Wina and they will see that you get what you need.

A Parade of Praise (Palm Sunday)

A message from Luke 19:35-40; given on 03/28/2021 (Palm Sunday) at FBC Glendale, MS.

The Sin of Partiality

A message from James 2:1-13; given on 03/21/2021 at FBC Glendale, MS.

Learning From Life's Trials

A message from James 1:12-20; given on 03/07/2021 at FBC Glendale, MS. Part of a series on the Book of James.

Life Is Tough... ...But There's Help!

A message from Psalm 121; given on 02/28/2021 at FBC Glendale, MS.

Out of Tune with God

A message from Psalm 1, Psalm19 & Psalm 119; given on 02/21/2021 at FBC Glendale, MS.

Due to equipment failure beyond our control, the first few minutes of this message are missing. We do apologize. 

Is This Love?

A message from Ephesians 5:22-33; given on 02/14/2021 at FBC Glendale, MS.

Jesus Makes All The Difference

A message from Acts 4:1-22; given on 02/07/2021 at FBC Glendale, MS.

The Lost Christ

A message from Luke 2:41-46; given on 01/31/2021 at FBC Glendale, MS.

For The Next Generation

A message from Judges 2:6-10; given on 01/24/2021 at FBC Glendale, MS

Your Invitation to the Royal Wedding

A message from Matthew 22:1-14.  Given on 01/10/2021 by our pastor, Rev. Chris Layton

Evidence of Our Need for Revival

A message from Isaiah 1:2-20.  Given on 01/10/2021 by our pastor, Rev. Chris Layton

Strength in Weakness

A message from 2 Corinthians 12:1-10.  Given on 01/03/2021 by our pastor, Rev. Chris Layton